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Remember that there are two ways to show percent:  17%  =  .17.  Both ways tell you that something is equal to 17 parts out of a whole with 100 parts.  It is easier to do math problems using the decimal point (.17).

Work the following problems using decimals.  Round off your answers to two decimal points if necessary.

Example:  What is 10% of 25?  25 X .10 = 2.5

   1.  What is 33% of 75?

2.  What is 15% of 125?

3.  What is 75% of 75?

4.  What is 2% of 30?

5.  What is 64% of 18?

With the following problems, figure out the percents.  Change the decimals to percents.

Example:  What percent of 30 cars is 15 cars?   15  30  = .5

.5  = 50%

1.  What percent of $75 is $50?

2.  What percent of 66 patients is 33 patients?

3.  What percent 230 paint cans is 150 paint cans?

4.  What percent of 85 houses is 17 houses?

5.  What percent of 300 citizens is 225 citizens?


Work the following word problems.  If your answer is a percent, change the decimal to a percent.

   1. The Brown Printing Company had an income of $17,000.00 in April.  Their profit for the month was $2040.00.  What was the percent of their gain?


    2. The owner of Ace Barbeque wants to make a 6% profit on his business.  His income for July was $10,550.00.  How much must his profit be to make 6%?

    3. Janet Lowe makes $2000.00 a month.  She wants to save 10% of her salary.  How much money must she save each month?


   4. The Smith twins have a lemonade stand.  Last week, it cost them $15.00 to make their lemonade.  They had an income of $33.00 for the week.  What percent profit did their lemonade stand show?


   5. Henry wants to save money to pay for next semester’s courses at San Juan Community College.  The semester costs $3050.00.  He has $1250.50 now.  What percent of his expenses does he have already?  What percent of his expenses must he still save for?



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