WRITING PRACTICE: Basic Accounting

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Definitions with Dashes

Look at these sentences from the reading.

Accounting books must show income the money coming into a business.   

Both the computer company and the mechanic need to make a profit a little extra money beyond their costs. 

Accounting books must show expenses – money going out of the business.   

A dash (a little line) is often used in English sentences to give a definition of a word.  In the above sentences, income means money coming into a business; profit means extra money beyond the costs; and expenses means the money going out of the business. _______________________________________________________

A. Complete the sentences using the boxes below. Use a hyphen, followed by a definition, like the examples above.

1.  I think I want to be a bookkeeper 

2.  Accounting is a process  

3.  Peter asked the electric company to check his account  

4.  The detective found out that the gangster was “cooking”* his books      *cooking means making false entries

5A profit, money made by a company, may not be the same as a balance  


B. A sentence is a complete idea that begins with a capital letter (A) and ends with a period (.).  The following paragraph has complete sentences, but the capital letters and periods are missing.  Add the capitals and periods.  Make sure the sentences are a complete idea that makes sense.

There are many bookkeeping and accounting jobs bookkeeping is the simpler job an accountant supervises the bookkeeper's work and advises the company he may suggest changes in the way records are kept he may give tax advise he may help the company figure out ways to cut losses and increase profits people who like math and who like careful work do well in accounting is accounting for you?

CLICK HERE to see the corrected paragraph.


A budget is a simple plan for tracking your income and expenses.  The project for this unit is making a budget.  You may want to do the project first.  Writing your composition will be easier after that. Go to Project ->

Writing Activity

Write a composition explaining a plan to keep track of your income and your expenses.  Be sure to include the things you need to keep handy (receipts, bills, etc..) to figure out expenses.  Explain each step in your how you track your money. Details, like examples, help explain, so use them when you can

Sign and date your writing, and place it in your portfolio for your facilitator.




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